Tire blowouts and flats: it can happen to most of us at some point. The key is knowing what you should do when things arises. Every vehicle owner should discover ways to properly change a tire in case a flat happens when help is far away.

How to Change a Flat Tire Step-by-Step

Step one in ensuring you’ll be able to properly change a tire is undergoing the proper tools as part of your trunk. Every vehicle must have a jack, tire iron and an additional tire within the trunk. Without, it is impossible for you to replace a tire and be in your way. Ensure you research the jack and to discover the tire iron and test out their function beforehand so you know the way to make use of them when a set tire occurs. You might wish to get larger tire iron than what was included with your vehicle that can give you leverage and allow you to exert more force when proceeding to unscrew the tire bolts. Periodically explore your spare tire to ensure it is properly inflated.

You might also have to carry a brick or perhaps a wooden plank in your trunk, especially if you do lots of winter driving. You should utilize this stuff to put below your vehicles tires for traction and forestall it from sliding in the snow.

Other items that are often overlooked absolutely are a blanket and work gloves. A blanket and some gloves can assist in keeping you clean as you’re kneeling on the surface and changing a tire. You actually wouldn’t need to come up to a marriage or another important function filled with roadside dirt and grease.

If a flat tire or blowout occurs when operating a motor vehicle, calmly make your way beyond just the shoulder and pull over far enough to take care of a secure distance from passing cars. Retrieve your tire changing items out of your trunk, including the jack, tire iron and spare tire.

Place the jack in the proper spot beneath your car. Most cars have notches etched directly into underside frame that could there be to let you realize where to put the jack. Using the jack of these notches will assist guarantee your car won’t roll away or be damaged from uneven weight distribution. You’ll need to use your blanket to lie on as you check exactly where the notches are located.

In case your tire has a hubcap, remove it placing it face down besides you. Make use of the tire iron’s wedged edge to pry it off if need be. Then make use of the tire iron to put aside the nuts which are holding the flat tire in place. Once again, this may be difficult, but when you have a protracted pipe coupled to the tire iron, you may get leverage. Keep working at it until all the nuts are removed. Place the nuts contained in the hubcap so you do not lose them.

Once the nuts are removed, put aside the tire from the wheel base by pulling it toward you. Try the flat within your trunk and get it out from the way. Then put the spare tire situated on the wheel and re-screw the nuts back into place. Be sure they’re tightened whenever you can, with the use of a tire iron to screw them in.

Lower the jack and invest all the items, which includes hubcap and to discover the brick or wooden plank (if you needed it), back into the trunk. You may be traveling together with your spare tire properly installed. However, spare tires are often only rated for hastens to 55mph for a short period of time, so be sure to to experience a new tire replacement as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, learning how to properly change a flat tire will allow you to get on your way quickly when the situation arises. Be sure to have all the tire-changing items in the trunk before any trip and you won’t need the assistance of a fellow motorist or maybe a tow truck.

Nothing takes the joy out of a road trip like a flat tire. Do you know how to change it? We didn’t, but we’ve learned from Allan Stanley of AAA. Download this video to your mobile phone just in case.