Looking to improve your singing voice? Check out the video above for great singing tips online to include in your practice routine, and also check out the site above for professional singing lessons so you can teach yourself to sing without wasting lots of cash on a private tutor (at first, anyway).

There’s kids lessons as well as adult lessons. The lessons there are applicable to both, because they’re designed to be simple to understand. You can get a few free online lessons at the site to start with, too.

You really just need to know what to practice, a mic to listen to yourself if necessary, and lots of practice – I think that’s the secret on how to sing better and become a great vocalist (not much of a secret, I know). And you can save yourself money for a private vocal lessons teacher at least at the beginning. How much are the lessons? They can run anywhere from 30-60$ per hour, depending on an vocal instructor. With private lessons you can get a great teacher and luck out, but it’s not necessary for your entire career. You might need vocal coaching at some point to help resolve problems, but you don’t necessarily need one at the beginning. As long as you know what to learn and what to practice, you can get cheap lessons that don’t cost 200$/month.

Hope this video helps you out a lot, and make sure you see the training at the link I mentioned as well! Good luck, and I hope you learn to sing fast! I have a vested interest in the training at the link by the way, they are really well done and can help you. Enjoy!

Sorry about the last slide mix up! Did a guitar tips video too.

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