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This Swimming technique has been used for over 30 years by Daniel Miller to teach children how to swim, float, side breath, freestyle or crawl stroke. Please enjoy the journey with this free instructional video. It is free because I believe every child should learn to swim regardless of ones economic situation.

Teaching Children How To Swim

Video Chapters:
Swim Phsychology 1:56
Vertical Bobbing 4:56
Grab The Wall 9:10
Kicking 12:53
Arms 15:37
Swim To The Wall 19:32
Floating 23:09
Swim & Float Combined 26:46
Fall-Ins 32:32
Side-Breathing 38:38
Credits 44:55

In school, most children start learning how to swim at around three numerous years of age. This article covers a few of the ideal tips for earning the educational process easier increasingly more enjoyable.

Finding the perfect swimming school is the first big step. A spot that’s caring and family-friendly is essential, and of course one that teaches the correct techniques for swimming. Choosing a school entirely based on closeness to where you live isn’t an excellent idea since different schools teach varying techniques and a few are geared more to experienced swimmers with a large level of endurance.

Preparing for a swim class is easy enough and you might need to to get a water-proof swim bag, towels, swim costume plus a cap and goggles if you feel that you want them. Of course some spare clothes to turn into afterward can be a very good idea.

Ensuring the swim cap and of course the goggles are not constricting is advisable and using Vaseline on exposed places of the human body is an outstanding idea if the kid shivers a lot after swimming. A full body swimsuit can be utilized if the problem is especially severe since these can be created to in order to make the swimmer feel warmer. Another important thing to think about is the idea that a baby mustn’t eat by any means no less than 120 minutes until the swimming lesson.

Floaters are often frowned upon by swimming schools and consider that they give the child an inaccurate sense of safety and comfort and also that once they stop being used it might be very hard for the kid to regulate having got too some adjusting them.

During swimming lessons, there should not be a lot of pressure on the child since swimming is something that is learned in their very own time, depending on their very own abilities. Being encouraging and patient are important to you to motivating the child and it is important to avoid having too high expectations and never try to pressure the swimming instructor to place the kid in elevated levels since any good instructor will really know what they’re doing.

Children should shower after any swimming lesson no matter how clean the swimming pool is and having something to drink and eat is an outstanding idea after the lesson is over.

The vacation period can also be a great time for youngsters to acquire extra classes since they should show more time.


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